New CSO, CISO appointments

“In this era of big data and data science, integrating security and privacy into the fabric of the work we do on a daily basis is more important than ever,” said Ravi Pendse, U-M vice president for information technology and CIS, in a press release. “With Sol’s continued leadership and working as one Michigan IT family, I am confident that we will continue to make progress through collaborative partnerships to appropriately protect institutional and personal data in our open academic environment, all while enabling innovation and the U-M mission.”

July 18, 2019: Ian Cruxton becomes Callsign’s first CSO

Cruxton will support both the security of the identity and authorization solutions provider’s business and its clients. Most recently, he was director of international operations at the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA). During his time there, Cruxton was selected to set up the NCAT (National and NCA tasking and co-ordination function). For the past two years, his responsibilities included the UK’s Interpol, Europol and International Liaison Officer network. 

ian cruxton Callsign
Ian Cruxton, Callsign CSO

Other previous roles include director of the UK Division at the National Criminal Intelligence Service and roles in Proceeds of Crime and Tasking and Co-ordination at the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). Until Ian joined Callsign he was also the G7 UK Law Enforcement Lead and Chair of the G7 Law Enforcement Group.

Commenting on the appointment, Zia Hayat, CEO and Founder of Callsign said, “Ian’s track record in security and law enforcement is truly staggering, and we feel incredibly privileged to have such a high calibre individual on our team,” said Zia Hayat, CEO and founder of Callsign, in a press release.

 “Having been in law enforcement and security for over three decades, I have seen the impact that technology has had on this landscape,” said Cruxton in a press release. “What has been apparent to me, is that the issue of identity now underpins a majority of crime. Therefore, when I learned about Callsign’s ambitions and technology I immediately wanted to get involved. With my strong expertise in strategic leadership and operational management, I can’t wait to draw upon my skills to help take the company forward.”

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